Wood Recycling Services in London

The All Clear Company are able to clear just about any waste you may have, we ensure that wood is recycled in the correct way and doesn’t go to landfill. So if you have wood that need clearing and are based in the London area then give us a call now on 0203 589 6313.

Did you know?

Over 2 billion cubic metres of wood is harvested worldwide each year.Clearing a tree for wood recycling

The UK is accountable for around 50 million cubic metres of this amount.

The construction industry alone produces over 800,000 tonnes of waste wood every year. Packaging waste such crates and pallets creates a further 700,000 tonnes, and believe it of not general household wood waste is accountable for around 400,000 tonnes annually also.

Recycled wood has many uses and can be used for:

Fuel (Wood fired boilers)

Chipboard is used in the manufacture of fibreboard and MDF mainly used to produce furniture.

Animal bedding
The largest use for the animal bedding market is for cattle bedding and bedding for poultry.


Demand for recycled wood is ever increasing for use in horse gallops, children’s play areas and golf pathways. Coloured wood chip is becoming ever more popular to create visually attractive public areas and suppress weed growth.

How is wood recycled?

The wood waste The All Clear Company collects is separated and loaded ready to be sent to a specialist wood recyclers. At the recycling plant the wood is cleaned and processed and any contaminants removed. The wood is then ready to be re-used. Some resulting products will be made entirely from wood waste and others will contain a proportion of other materials. Our teams will arrive at your London address with specially adapted vehicles, simply show us the way and we will get on with the rest.

Wood recycling plants are now able to process over 30 tonnes of wood waste each hour. Many plants are fitted with a series of magnets, trommels and screeners which identify and remove more contaminants than ever before.

More Interesting Facts about Wood Recycling

  • Just 15 years ago over 90% of recycled wood waste was use to manufacture chipboard, fibreboard and MDF. This was then mainly used for the building of furniture.
  • Landscaping products, animal bedding and surfacing were only just starting to be used as an alternative for recycled wood.
  • The furniture market was still the major consumer using around 60% of all recycled wood but the other markets started to expand year on year. These new recycled wood products are now starting to help ever increasing sustainability targets and forest preservation.