London Waste Clearance with a Clear Conscience

London waste clearance services may not sound like e a particularly exciting or glamorous function, but they are something that many of us call upon to help us out of difficult and sometimes unpleasant circumstances. From the domestic waste of households that have become totally clutter-bound, to home collections after the event of someone’s passing; companies that offer professional, reliable, and environmentally friendly waste clearance services in London, solve very real problems.

Companies like The All Clear Company offer a comprehensive range of services across the board that deal with:

  • office, house and flat waste clearance
  • removing fly tipped refuse
  • clearing building debris
  • almost any type of rubbish removal you can imagine

Benefits of using a London Waste Clearance Service

One of the best parts of employing an expert London based company is that not only do they deal with all of the hard and sometimes distasteful jobs, but they also know how to dispose of the waste legally, and in an environmentally friendly way too.

It can sometimes be very difficult to get rid of things like old refrigerators and other electrical items, especially with the new WEEE regulations in force. Unless you have suitable transport, it’s not all that easy to get your rubbish to the local rubbish tip or recycling centre. Living in flats can make life that much more difficult as far as disposing of your unwanted rubbish is concerned, especially if the articles are heavy and bulky and there are difficult stairs to negotiate. But the professional teams employed by waste clearance companies like The All Clear Company are specially trained to deal with any circumstances, and have the right equipment for the job too.

You might also be pleasantly surprised at just how competitive The All Clear Company’s rates are. Did you know for example that it can work out cheaper to organise a special waste clearance visit, than it does to hire a skip? Not only that, but they will do all the loading work too and with the need for planning permission to have a skip in parts of London, it is a hassle free way to get the job done.

With us, you can also get a collection booked in almost immediately, which makes it very convenient. Depending on exactly what the job entails, it is even possible to organise it for the same day.

Why use our Office Junk Collection Service?

Fly tipping in LondonThe All Clear Company provides a first class London office waste clearance service. Instead of tying up your own office staff when they could instead be adding value to your customers, either as a tidy up exercise, or prior to an office relocation, it is both cheaper and more effective to use a professional company, especially one that is equipped to deal confidential waste clearance.

The penalties for illegal tipping are very high today and can be enforced not just on the clearance company, but on their employer too; namely you! So don’t get caught out by using a “fly by night” unprofessional rubbish removal outfit. If they tip the rubbish illegally (and you may not know until a man from the local authority comes calling), you could get into trouble yourself.

However when you use a reliable service with the proper licences you have nothing to worry about. All of the waste, no matter how daunting a job it may seem to you, will be disposed of legally, and what is even more impressive, it will be recycled wherever possible, helping you to contribute to a greener environment. A professional London waste clearance service leaves you with a clear conscience as well as clear premises.

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