Tyre Recycling London


Almost all transport systems rely on tyres whether it is cars, buses or planes.Car tyre

Tyres are more important than you may think!

Take a moment and ask how the food you eat and the clothes you wear are delivered? The answer almost every time will be that it has been transported by one of the above methods.

Hence, the importance of tyres!

They are made from vulcanised rubber which is a chemically enhanced rubber designed to be very durable. This material is highly toxic for both humans and the environment. Incinerating tyres releases high levels of pollutants in to the atmosphere and taking tyres direct to landfill will take considerable time to break down and decompose.

At The All Clear Company we have a recycling rate of 100% when collecting your tyres.

How are they recycled?


Retreading is a process that replaces the tread section of a tyre.
In the UK truck they can be retreaded up to 3 times and cars once.


Tyres can also be de-vulcanised and made back in to rubber. The resulting rubber is mainly poor quality and can only be used when mixed with virgin rubber to produce new tyres or other rubber goods.

Tyres can be chipped and used to make:

  • Carpet underlay
  • Soft cushioning for children’s play areas
  • Rubber mats and other goods
  • Golf Pathways

Demand for recycled tyres is ever increasing for children’s play areas and golf pathways. Coloured shredded tyres are becoming ever more popular to create visually attractive public areas and suppress weed growth.

Technology allowing energy production from the incinerating of tyres is being developed but is at a very early stage and not much is currently known.

If you have tyres that you want to be collected then call our team and we will happily book you in for a collection.