Sharps Disposal

Specialist Needle and Sharp Disposal Services

Sharps DisposalNeedles, syringes and lancets are commonly known and referred to as sharps.

This type of waste is classed as clinical waste which means that a specialist collection and disposal will need to be arranged.

At the All Clear Company we deal with clinical waste on a regular basis.

When clearing out void properties we often come across sharps and drug paraphernalia. Our specialist clearance teams are fully equipped and trained to deal with all situations from single needle collection to a property full of sharps.

Needle sweep services

If you are unsure if there is the presence of clinical waste when clearing out your property, one of the many services The All Clear Company offer is a full site needle sweep.

Call our specialist waste team today free on: 0800 169 3633 for a needle sweep quote.

Why use The All Clear Company?

Needles can cause injuries to you or other people because they are sharp and once used they also carry fluids from bodies such as blood.

Used needles can carry infections such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis C or Hepatitis B and can pass this infection on to you and other people.

Needles used to inject illegal drugs

Needles used to inject illegal drugs will heighten the risk that they will pass on infections as above.

How we deal with your sharps waste?

All used needles and other sharps will be collected and contained in a rigid box with a lid, these boxes are designed for the purpose of sharps removal.

These boxes are called sharps bins, sharps disposal boxes or sharps containers.

All collections carried out by The All Clear Company are completed by our well trained specialist clearance staff who have many years of experience when dealing with a number of nasty waste types.

All clinical waste collected by The All Clear Company is sent for incineration and a full DOC is issued with every collection.

If you have any question call our specialist waste team anytime on:
0800 169 3633