Fire Damage Restoration Specialists

Fire damage clearance for commercial & residential properties

fire-damageFire damage clearances can often be complex. At The All Clear Company, we understand the need of professionally well trained fire damage and restoration specialists’ service while clearing the fire damaged location.

Our specialist clearance teams can visit and examine your fire or smoke damaged place, carefully analyse the affected areas, identify the type of fire accident and advise you of the safest and best clearance available.

Types of damage:

Dry Smoke Damage: Result of a fast burning fire at high temperatures.

Wet Smoke Damage: Result of low heat fire with smouldering and pungent odours.

Protein Damage: Mainly invisible damage that will have extreme pungent odours.

Fuel Oil Soot: Furnace puff back causing a fuel oil soot

Other Types Fire Damage: Fire extinguisher residue, tear gas, fingerprint powder, and others.

How it works:

Our specialist team will determine which type of smoke or fire damage you have and then evaluate what can be restored and what needs to be replaced. They will then give you a quote for the most effective fire or smoke damage cleaning method for your clearance.