Plasterboard Recycling London

Plasterboard waste is easily recycled when you know how.Plasterboard recycling in London

In the UK we use around 3 million tonnes of plasterboard each year. .

Estimating the amount of plasterboard waste created from refurbishment projects is very difficult. Estimated figures range from 500,000 tonnes to over 1 million tonnes each year.

At The All Clear Company collect and recycle in London and we offer the assurance that all Plasterboard that we collect including all gypsum and plasterboard waste is 100% recycled.

How is Plasterboard recycled?

When collected The All Clear Company will first ensure it is separated ready to be sent to a specialist recycler in London. Once at the recycler the plasterboard is processed and made in to gypsum powder. All reprocessed gypsum powder is made up of around 92% original plasterboard material where the waste can be sent back to a manufacturer to make new plasterboard. The paper and related contaminants which equates to around 8% of the recycled plasterboard waste is re-used in various ways including:

  • Composting
  • Heat generation
  • Building materials

Plasterboard 100% recycling rate with NOTHING going to the landfill.

Did you know?

Once recycled plasterboard can be used in a variety of ways including:

  • Production of new plasterboard.
  • A key ingredient in the production of cement.
  • Alternative material for making blocks or bricks.
  • Improving soil quality and as a basic part in growing of mushrooms.

So if you are a contractor or homeowner with plasterboard in London that requires removal then why not give us a call today! Our uniformed and professional team will arrive at the property and take everything away with them, our specially adapted vehicles ensure that only one visit is required in most cases and because we are fully licensed and insured you can feel confident that your plasterboard will be dealt with in line with all current legislation.

Better than that though, we only ever charge you for what we take away, unlike skip hire where you pay regardless of how much space you use.

So why hesitate? Get in touch today