Thursday, February 16th, 2017

new waste clearance tipper truckWe are delighted to announce the new arrival of 2 brand new Mitsubishi Canter 7.5 ton tippers to join our ever-growing fleet of vehicles. These lightweight aluminium tippers are 20 cubic yard with a 4 ton pay load. Equipped with tail lifts, live CCTV cameras and Road Sense live tracking and driver reporting. These new vehicles are also Euro 6 to comply with all the latest emissions legislation.

The Road Sense systems comes with vehicle tracking and live CCTV. Each vehicle has cameras facing front, back and both sides. We are also able to log into any of the cameras at any time. The Road Sense system also incorporates a turn left camera and audible warning to alert cyclists. Vehicle tracking allows us to manage our fleet more effectively and efficiently as well as highlighting any issues.

The addition of these new Mitsubishi Canter’s means that our fleet now consists of:

  • 3 X 3.5 ton tippers – 14 cubic yards
  • 5 X 7.5 ton tippers – 20 cubic yards
  • 1 X 26-ton hook loader
  • 1 X 32-ton hook loader
  • 1 X 18-ton Skip Lorry

This allows us a greater level of flexibility when it comes to collecting all type of waste in varying quantities.

truck fitted with road senseOur Waste Clearance fleet operates in and around London and has done so for many years. We are experienced in all kinds of waste collection from both residential and commercial clients. Our team are fully trained, uniformed and polite and will ensure that your property is left clean and tidy after removing your waste. We are fully licensed and insured which means that you can feel confident that all your rubbish will be re-used or recycled wherever possible.

We have a comprehensive pricing policy which means that you only ever pay for what we collect, even if the vehicle is half empty. Unlike a skip which you pay for regardless of how much space you use. You also don’t need planning permission like you do in some areas of London to hold a skip and even better, we do all the fetching, carrying and heavy lifting for you.

What’s not to like? So, if you have waste that needs collection then please do give us a call on 02035890313 for a free, no obligation quotation.

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