Fluorescent Tube Recycling London

At The All Clear Company we make recycling your fluorescent tubes and lamps easy!Fluorescent tube awaiting recycling in London

Fluorescent tubes and lamps are classed as hazardous waste. When it is time for you dispose of them you will need to arrange a specialist recycling service as hazardous waste needs to be dealt with in a different way.

At our company we ensure that all fluorescent tubes and lamps that we collect are recycled at specialist fluorescent lamp recycling facilities only, as we are an experienced company we know where to find these places.

How it works?

One off collections
One of our friendly uniformed London based Clearance Teams will arrive within a 2 hour pre-arranged time window to collect the tubes.

They will carefully load tubes ready for recycling, as we do not want to break these.

Our Team can load from anywhere around your premises, you just need to point us in the right direction.

We will remove all fluorescent tubes and fluorescent lamps and recycle them at a specialist recycling facility.

We make regular or bulk fluorescent tube or lamp collections

Whether you are a company or individual with the need for a regular fluorescent tube and lamp recycling service, call our specialist waste team on 020 3589 0313 and find out what services and containers we can provide.

What happens to the tubes we collect?

All fluorescent tubes and lamps that The All Clear Company collects are sent to specialist recycling facilities where:

The tubes are put into a machine to be crushed.

The materials are separated for recycling.

The glass is recovered and used to manufacture loft insulation.

The mercury phosphor powder is distilled and is used to produce pure mercury for re-use.

As you can see when you contact us for your fluorescent tube or lamp collection, they will be completed recycled and will never end up at a landfill.