Waste Clearance – Environmental statement

At The All Clear Company we aim to minimise the environmental impact of all our business activities.

Our Commitments

  • We are committed to the method of reduce, re-use and recycle.
  • We aim to avoid the use of landfill and look for less environmentally damaging methods of disposal.
  • We promote paperless communication with our customers, suppliers and employees.
  • We use route optimisation, preventative truck maintenance, employee training and modern vehicle technologies to minimise our vehicles emissions.
  • We maintain best practice as a waste carrier adhering to all current environmental legislation.
  • We monitor the environmental impact of our activities and associated working practices and review policies and practise on a regular basis.
  • We constantly seek effective environmental management system to improve our performances across all our business activities
  • We develop long term relationships with reliable and trustworthy organisations including: Recycling and waste management facilities, charities, resell outlets etc that are able to recycle, re-use or resell the materials we collect.
  • We operate an employee incentive scheme that encourages our staff to re-use or recycle the waste that we collect.
  • We encourage our customers to separate recyclable/re-usable materials at source in preparation for collection.
  • We aim to improve our diversion from landfill statistics by reducing, re-using and recycling, helping us to divert more than 99.01% of all the materials we collect from landfill.
  • Before selecting any sub-contractors we will take into account the organisation’s environmental policies and practices.
  • As a responsible waste collector we will keep fully up to date with both current and pending environmental regulations within our industry.
  • We will ensure compliance at all levels with record keeping, methods of disposal, health and safety and customer service.
  • We ensure the communication of our environmental policy at all levels of business. To do this we implement regular training of all staff members ensuring that our commitments are met as individuals and as a company.

March 2010