Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Construction waste in LondonConstruction waste can be difficult to move, lift and dispose of as well as being dirty. With our clearance services you don’t need to tie up your staff lugging rubbish about, we can do all of the heavy lifting and carrying for you so that you can focus your team on the job in hand.

As a professional London based waste clearance company, we are fully licensed and insured which means you know that your rubbish is in safe hands. We recycle or reuse as much as possible of what we collect so you can also feel confident that you are doing your bit for the environment.

As a construction firm, it’s your responsibility to keep site as clean and tidy as possible, free of obstruction and a productive and safe environment to work in. This is where our regular collection service comes into it’s own. By organising a weekly waste clearance service, we ensure that your construction site stays free from massive build ups of rubble and other waste and remains a safe environment to work in.

Hazardous Construction Waste

As well as general builders waste, we are able to handle hazardous materials. All we ask is that you contact us to discuss ahead of time to ensure we are fully prepared and that we are able to take away and dispose of any toxic materials.

to find out more about hazardous waste removal

Clearing your own London builders rubbish

Some construction firms may choose to clear their own waste, but this could actually end up being more expensive in the long run. We have close working relationships with many recycling centres across London and because we are licensed we are able to deal with larger quantities of waste. There are many restrictions in place with regards to what you can and can’t dispose of and you may need specific paperwork to take with you.

However you choose to deal with your construction waste, please do ensure that you are recycling or reusing as much as possible. We all need to take responsibility for reducing the strain on landfill sites and reduce the amount of fly-tipping which is a big problem in London.

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