Cardboard Recycling

“Cardboard is easily recycled when you know how”

Cardboard RecyclingThe UK produces over 8 million tonnes of cardboard every year! Which is about 150 large cardboard boxes for each person per year.

Cardboard is made from cellulose fibres which are created from wood pulp.

How cardboard is recycled?

The All Clear Company will collect your waste cardboard and ready it to be baled.

Once your cardboard is baled we deliver it to a paper mill ready for recycling.

At the recycling mill your cardboard is soaked and agitated to release the fibres which can then be pulped.

Now it is ready to be made into new cardboard products such as boxes, food packaging etc.

Did you know?

The UK produces over 10 million tonnes of packaging waste a year
(This is enough cardboard to fill 22,000 jumbo jets)

Each tonne of cardboard recycled saves around 25 trees,7000 gallons of water, 2 cubic yards of landfill and 4,100KW/hours of electricity.

Each person in the UK uses the equivalent of around 150 cardboard boxes annually.

This would be enough cardboard to pile as high as Nelson’s Column and fill Wembley stadium’s football pitch one and ½ times.