Plasterboard Clearance London

Since the 1st of April 2009, new government legislation prohibits plasterboard from being taken to landfill. This means that anyPlasterboard pile London plasterboard must be reused or recycled at a specialist plasterboard recycling facility. All plasterboard that The All Clear Company collects is taken for recycling at specialist recycling facilities throughout London with recycling rates of 100%.

We will collect on your behalf, simply give us a call on 020 3589 0313 for a free no obligation quotation.

Plasterboard Clearance made easy

At The All Clear Company we can make collection and recycling of plasterboard waste throughout London simple. We can collect anything from single sheets of plasterboard to entire project clearances. All plasterboard The All Clear Company collects is recycled at specialist plasterboard recycling facilities where plasterboard rates are 100%. We can collect your plasterboard as part of a general waste clearance or as a specific collection.

Rates for collecting plasterboard are based on volume as per are general waste collections.

The All Clear Company do not charge a supplement for a load containing plasterboard and all London congestion charges etc are included in the price we quote.

We simply ask that you separate any plasterboard from the rest of the waste and inform us when booking.

If you are unable to separate at source and you need a collection, don’t worry we can handle the separation for you.

Commingled collections may incur a labour supplement.

Virtually all plasterboard that we collect in London is broken down and goes into making new plasterboard so that nothing goes to waste and absolutely nothing goes into Landfill.

So if you have plasterboard that you need disposing of contact us today!