Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Xfactor winner

As like most of the Country, The All Clear Company and its staff have been gripped by this year’s X factor once again.

As it is now the final week it’s time to decide where our loyalties lie. Our favorite was Jedwood, purely for their comical presence. Where other waste companies ran ad campaigns to get rid of them as rubbish we could always see their recycle potential and would donate them to Butlins. But now the Irish twins are gone this year The All Clear Company are backing Dagenham Stacy.

Stacey, Joe and Olly will battle it out for the 2009 X factor crown this Saturday and The All Clear Company will be watching.

This week they all survived the nerve-racking public vote after Saturday’s semi-final performances of Michael Jackson’s hits. Danyl Johnson lost out in the public vote and was voted off the show this Sunday. Danyl was a gracious loser and smiled as Dermot O’Leary read out his fate. He hugged the other contestants and said: “I might have gone out in the semi-finals but I have got to know some of the best people I have met. It’s been an amazing ride.” Simon Cowell (Danyl’s mentor) added: “There is nothing more he could’ve done.” “A singer like him does not disappear.”

Olly burst into tears hearing the audience had put him through to the final and said: “I’m just so happy. I want to thank everyone for their support.”

Joe is still the bookies firm favorite to win next Sunday. On his way back to his dressing room, Simon Cowell muttered: “It’s becoming the Joe McElderry show. He’s the one to watch.” Joe who is18 from South Shields, earned high praise this week for his version of MJ’s She’s Out Of My Life.

The late King of Pop’s younger sister Janet Jackson was this week’s star as the semi-finalists waited to hear their fate. She sang or should we say mimed All For You, the title track from her 2001 album, mixing with Make Me. Lady Ga Ga also performed her single Bad Romance.

We would like to end with The All Clear Company wishing Stacy the best of luck for Saturdays final.

And just to let you know we managed to save Jedwood from the other rubbish company throwing them away as rubbish and safely dropped them for recycling at Butlins where they will be performing soon…

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