Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Messy house needs to be cleanedHouse clearance can be an important step towards turning an old home full of junk into a habitable property again.

Houses which have stood abandoned for long periods, or which have become your responsibility due to probate requirements, will need to be thoroughly cleaned before you can either sell the house for a profit, or move in to it as a brand new home.

When you need to have a house cleared from top to bottom, then a London house clearance company could be the perfect choice for you.

Abandoned house clearance

Houses which have been uninhabited for a long period of time tend to be dirty, infested with pests such as spiders, mice and rats, and they may also be occupied by squatters. In London, abandoned properties might be occupied by protesters. When you buy an abandoned property, the first step should always be to clear up the place thoroughly to ensure that any problems are removed. A house clearance company can help you with that.

Probate house clearance

When you are responsible for probate on a deceased relative’s property, thorough cleaning is not only a priority in order to sell the property, but also to ensure that you can get a reasonable price for the building. Clearing a home may mean taking out all of the furniture and disposing of it, clearing away kitchen equipment, disposing of old hoarded items, but also making sure to protect anything which could be valuable. This will be important for the total probate of the property, and will help you to get the most out of the deceased relative’s property before it is sold. By employing a clearance company, you can have all undesirable items removed, and the house cleaned, before selling it.

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