Monday, September 5th, 2016

Tyre CollectionsTyres are an integral part of our everyday lives, whether it is the type we use on our personal transport, or the types that are used on delivery vehicles or even public services like buses and road-sweepers, everywhere we look there are tyres! Tyres are used to provide protection, traction and work as a shock absorber and also as grip on vehicles.  The materials they are made of are usually a synthetic or natural rubber combined with other additives like carbon black and various chemicals. Aside from vehicles, tyres are also used on gardening equipment like lawnmowers and wheelbarrows.

Tyres are an item that degrades in quality over time; they have to be periodically replaced for safety purposes and to comply with vehicle standards.  This means that there is a large volume of used tyres that either have to be disposed of or recycled. Even in this modern age the environmentally friendly disposal of tyres is problematic and you can see the problems this causes below.

The problem

As you can see above, there are problems associated with the correct disposal or recycling of tyres.  This is a worldwide problem and no enterprise or business seems to have an answer. With the huge amount of used tyres waiting to be treated, recycling and clearance companies are continually looking to improve their processes and provide a way to recycle tyres instead of simply burning them (Which is how currently around 50% of tyres are disposed of!).  Some of the main problems are listed below:

– Tyres are Non-biodegradable.
– Tyres take up a huge amount of valuable space in landfills.
– Tyres burnt for fuel release gases into the environment.
– Tyres stored in poor conditions can leak toxins into the ground.
– Illegal dumping of tyres can pollute the environment.

With ever-growing concerns about the long-term impact we are having on the earth’s environment, it is important to make the most of the recycling options available and to realise how we can benefit from the recycling of tyres.

The solution

Tyres can be recycled! This is not a new process, but it remains in the minority when discussing disposing of tyres.  It is generally easier and more profitable to simply burn them.  But there are businesses like us at The All Clear Company that do collect and recycle tyres and the resulting recycling gives us a range of by-products and alternatives:

– Used in hot melt asphalt pavement solutions.
– Used as an aggregate in different concretes.
– Recycled and used in other tyres.
– Used as filler for garden beds.
– As wall filler in various designs of Eco-buildings.
– TDA (Tyre Derived Aggregate) can be used in back fill retaining walls.

Other uses exist too but the above are the main ways in which recycled tyres are beneficial. If the tyres are not burnt, the structure is broken down with any wire removed and the remaining material or tyre scrub/crumb is then shaped into the end product.

The recycling of tyres is important and the varied applications that the recycled material can be used for will be beneficial to our environment for years to come.

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