Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

The Blue Box imageThe Blue Box range of containers is designed especially for businesses that produce large volumes of waste.

Our company created The Blue Box which is designed to save your business money and at the same time improve your environmental performance and lower your carbon foot print.

With an ever growing emphasis on businesses to improve their environmental performance it is no longer acceptable to send your waste direct to landfill.

How The Blue Box works?

It’s simple really…

With many years in the waste industry we have gained the knowledge to create a totally bespoke waste solution for each individual customer. Unlike many conventional REL or FEL containers The Blue Box key focus is on recycling as much of your waste as possible.

On average a company like The All Clear Company recycles over 95% of the all the waste that is collected, by working in close partnership with a number of local transfer stations and MRF to achieve these fantastic rates.

The Blue Box is the perfect recycling collection solution for light compactable industrial and commercial waste. Its unique design makes it suitable for all premises including businesses with limited space.

The Blue Box is a lockable container that you can store your waste in safety and hygienically.

The Blue Box has some similarities to a conventional Rear End Loader (REL) or Front End Loader (FEL) containers but with a much higher emphasis put on recycling the content of the Box.

The Blue Box is built to a compact design spec and our emptying methods make them an ideal solution when storage space is limited.

The Blue Box is available in two sizes 8 cubic yards & 14 cubic yards.

Key Features of The Blue Box

  • Available in 8 or 14 cubic yards
  • Quick, efficient collections with no fuss or disruption
  • Fully lockable for added safety and security
  • Fully enclosed to ensure your waste is safely stored at all times
  • Fork lift channels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Empties onsite so containers remain on your premises allowing efficient and economical transport without the need for higher emission HGV’s
  • Flexible collection schedules with a true 24/7 ad-hoc collection service
  • Easy to load by hand

Suited to producers of larger volumes of waste Ideal for light industrial / commercial premises and retail outlets.

Mixed municipal waste Mixed dry recycling Single recycling paper/cardboard
Transport Fee £120 £120 £120
Tonnage £79 £25 FOC

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