Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Garden WasteWhen it comes to disposing of your London garden waste, especially from a garden project, the best way to get rid of it is to hire the services of a London clearance company. This is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a van yourself, then having to secure a disposal permit, and making multiple trips to your local disposal site. A clearance company provides the labour, transport and clean up services to efficiently dispose of your garden waste.

A solution for all your garden waste

Do you have a rusty BBQ, old metal grills or bits of old furniture hanging around in your garden? Or, perhaps you have wanted to get rid of and replace your old garden shed but didn’t know where to start? When you use a clearance company, you can take the opportunity to get rid of bulky unwanted items, as well as, shrubs, tree branches, rubble, and bags of soil.  Basically anything from your garden most companies will take away as part of the clearing.

If you live in a London borough, that provides brown wheelie bins for garden refuse, these can be used for small hedge trimmings and grass cuttings, but less so for tree trunks, an entire hedge or soil and rubble.  You will find that in most areas soil, rubble, hard core, wood and many other items are not allowed in your brown bin and if you try to sneak them in you will find your bin doesn’t get emptied at all!

Saving you time, money and extra effort

As a clearance company is often able to take all of your garden waste in one trip it not only saves you multiple trips to the tip but it also frees up your precious weekend time to spend it with your family or friends. For those who live in London, this can be especially important as local tips are not generally close by. This also means that when your gardening project is over, you won’t need to accommodate the waste any longer than is necessary.  Equipped with the right tools and an appropriately sized vehicle, a garden cleaning company will only charge for the actual volume of items taken away, even if that means that the vehicle is only half full.

A green solution

Using a clearance company doesn’t mean compromising on your environmental concerns either. You may already know that it is possible to start your own compost heap or reuse soil and rubble in further garden projects. If however, you don’t have space or time to do your own home composting, and garden DIY is only a seasonal activity for you, a quality, and professional certified service offers a guarantee of following best environmental practices. Insured to dispose of a wide range of waste materials, they will have the necessary certificates along with a commitment to recycling items and ensuring that any green waste is composted.  For you the local Londoner who cares about the environment you couldn’t ask for more.

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