Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Skip imageHiring a skip should be easy right?  Most people would think so but is is not as easy as it first seems and it can create a lot more headaches that is actually required if you do not follow all the rules.

  • You have some rubbish you want to get rid of
  • You hire a skip and fill the skip with your waste
  • Then it is taken away…

Unfortunately wrong!

Hiring a skip should be easy but this is not always the case.

When hiring a skip there are legal requirements that need to be met and most of the time a permit will have to be arranged. There can also be many other things to be taken in to consideration, like where to site the skip and access.

So hiring a skip can often get a little complicated!

Choosing the right skip for you

The first thing you need to decide is what size skip you are going to need? What you need it for and for how long.

Loading your skip

When loading your skip you must only load it level with the top of the skip itself. When collecting skips it is a legal requirement that all loads are level.

It is against the law for skip drivers to carry skips loaded beyond a level load on the highway. This includes the use of boards around the side of the skip to increase its capacity, so keep this in mind when you are filling your skip.

To enable you to get the best value from your skip we advise you to break down any large bulky items in to smaller pieces were possible to help you make the most of your skips space.  If you think your items are too good to be destroyed some people will leave these beside the skip for locals to take away.

So to ensure your skip hire is as low cost as possible it is always better over estimate than underestimate the size you need.

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