Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Clearing out an office

Clearing an office is essential when moving out of a business premises, or when trying to sell a property which has previously been used as an office.

Much of the junk which is left behind can be discarded in an ordinary bin, but there are always bits and pieces left behind which have to be handled professionally in order to dispose of them legally.

When organising an office clearance, whether leaving a property or cleaning it before selling, there are a few steps which can make the whole process easier.

The first step towards any successful office clearance is to ensure that the company have a full inventory of any items in the office. It is vital that the owner of the office knows exactly what is to go, and what is to be left behind. Specialist teams may be able to help the office owner to decide what they need to junk, but it is much easier if the owner has identified what needs to go, and even labelled each item with a clear and definitive sign. This itinerary, if organised before employing a clearance company, can even help the business to calculate what they will need to do once they arrive.

Secondly, it is important to arrange a settled time and place for the company to call and collect the junk. When selling an office, the junk will usually have to be removed before the space is shown to prospective buyers, and when leaving a place it is important to clear away junk before it is spring-cleaned prior to handing back to a landlord. Working out when the clearance company can visit will help to ensure that the junk removal is a success, and also that all of the waste is removed before the deadline.

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