Monday, December 30th, 2013

Rubbish bin

Building something new creates a surprising amount of waste. At first thought you may only consider using the products to create a new building – the bricks, concrete, cement, pipes, wires, roofing materials – but building sites create a large amount of waste which can be difficult to dispose of.

One method of dealing with this problem has historically been to hire a skip – job done – just put all of your waste materials and products into a skip and have the company come and take it away when full. This may be one solution to the problem of building waste but there is another way . . . an easier way to ensure that your building waste is removed without the hassle of sorting out a parking permit for the skip (yep, they usually end up on the roadside), without trying to push an extremely heavy wheelbarrow full of soil and rubble up a wobbly plank of wood to deposit it in the skip. Just think how much time and effort is wasted just keeping the building site clear and tidy!

In London there are some rubbish removal experts who specialize in clearing away building waste quickly, efficiently and easily. Light building waste can be disposed of using special vehicles, heavier waste can be dealt with using a slightly larger, tougher type of vehicle. No waste is left to go to waste.

Having your building waste professionally cleared leaves you and your employees to concentrate on the important stuff . . . like building. As much of the waste products as possible are recycled and reused – the rest are disposed of safely and legally.

Construction waste, plasterboard recycling and other types of site clearance are no problem at all. One call is all it takes to summon the experts.

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