Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Skip full of rubbishWhen you are looking in to skip hire London options you may want to think about other options available to you! A skip hire is not the only choice and it is not always the best option when you live in London.

If you are thinking of the most effective and efficient way to remove all your unwanted waste, house items, building works or perhaps hazardous items then have a look at the disadvantages to skip hire London along with some of the other options available.

Disadvantages to Skip Hire London

  • The main disadvantage to skip hire when you live in London is if you don’t have anywhere on your property to place the skip then the skip will need to go on the roadside outside your home. Before you can place the skip on the roadside you will first need to obtain a permit from your local authority. The price to obtain this permit is around £200-£300 so not a cheap option.
  • You will have to load the skip yourself. This can be difficult when you have awkward or heavy items, plus it is time consuming.
  • Skip hire are designed for general waste and there are many items you cannot put in to a skip.
  • They look unsightly outside your home.
  • Only a small amount of the items that are recyclable end up getting recycled as most get damaged whilst in the skip and we all know that recycling is good for the environment and should be done whenever possible.

What are the other Options

Luckily today there are many more options available to get rid of your waste. If you have items to get rid of then they can usually be collected and recycled where possible with a minimal amount of stress by experienced clearance companies.

  • House Clearance Service – this is where an experienced team will come to your home and clear up after any renovations or improvements, or when you are simply de-cluttering. Waste gets cleared from anywhere in your home, even the attic!
  • Garden Clearance – a team will come fully equipped to remove all your garden rubbish, including branches, bushes, grass, leaves, garden furniture and equipment.
  • Daily Waste Collection – This is a pre-paid bag service where you fill the bags and they then get taken away without any hassle for you
  • Builders Clearance –an experienced team will collect, clear, load and dispose of any building works from any location in and around your premises.
  • Office Clearance – this includes anything from office furniture, filing cabinets, fax machines and photocopiers or any other items that you no longer want lying around your office.
  • Specialist Clearance – this could be your hazardous waste items that you don’t know what to do with, fluorescent tubes, fire and flood damaged items or any other specialist rubbish that you need removed.

If you would like to look in to other skip hire options then why not call a company like The All Clear Company who can help you with all your rubbish and waste removal.

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