Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Skip filled with rubbleHere are a few useful facts about skip hire and waste clearance services that help you identify the best waste clearance option in London.

A few facts about skip hire in London

When you hire a skip to remove your waste, you might not be able to enjoy hassle-free services due to the following reasons:

  • Most skips in London recycle only limited amount of waste.
  • As skip hire in London is designed for general waste, you are not supposed to put items that contain harmful substances in it. You need to get a list of the substances you can keep in the skip in advance.
  • If your property does not have good access, you might need to place the skip on road. In order to do so, you need to get permit from local authorities. Most often getting a permit is an expensive and time consuming task.
  • When hiring a skip in London, You have to load the skip yourself as you can’t expect the crew to come and do the job for you.

Waste clearness services

Compared to skip hire in London, professional waste clearance services offer many advantages:

  • Removal and clearance of almost any type of rubbish
  • The crew can do loading and unloading of the waste
  • The service is cost effective
  • Clearance at the time of your convenience
  • On completion of the task, the professionals leave your premises clean
  • Necessary licences to carry out the job
  • Recycle more than 90% of the collected waste

Consider these facts about skip hire in London and waste clearance services carefully, before you take a decision.

The All Clear Company offers professional waste clearance services as well as hassle free skip hire in London. With over thirteen years experience and having recycled over 1 million tonnes of your waste, The All Clear Company is the nation’s favourite waste service provider. To find out more about our Waste Clearance and London skip hire prices and other details, contact us.

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