Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Clearing rubbish

Building waste can often be significantly toxic and dirty. Much of the waste will also be difficult to lift due to size or weight, and all of it is unsightly. Builders have a responsibility to clear up their waste and dispose of it responsibly, and this can be particularly important to the building firm.

Failure to ensure that building waste is disposed of in a safe manner can lead to heavy fines.

Many building contractors choose to take away their own rubbish, but there may be restrictions on what you can do with the waste after removal. The building waste may also be heavy and take up too much space in your vans. In order to save time and ensure that you are able to remove waste legally, it might be a better idea to choose a London based commercial rubbish Clearance Company.

The question of removing waste and rubble from a building site can be a big issue when you are coming to the end of a large project. Toxic materials, wood, concrete and PVC materials all need to be cleared from the site before your cleaning teams can come in to improve the property prior to selling. Hiring a commercial rubbish clearance company will not only help to ensure that all of your waste is removed from the premises, but it can also be very useful in making sure that you have no problems with fly-tipping or other illegal dumping of your rubbish.

Rather than risk being fined or having your right to perform building work in a particular area, it is much better to hire a specialist firm who can help you to get rid of any waste, including toxic, recycling and household debris, from your building site.

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