Monday, August 17th, 2009

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The landfill Regulations requiring pre-treatment of waste came into force on 30th October 2007.

Please read below some of the requirements that are involved.

Prior to waste being disposed of at landfill:

Due care and attention must be taken to help reduce waste quantity.

As the waste producer the onus and responsibly is on you to treat your waste at source or arrange to have your waste treated for you.

Waste treatment is defined by the Environment Agency using a three-point test:

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1. Waste treatment must be a physical, thermal, chemical or biological process (including sorting)

2. It must change the characteristics of the waste

3. As result it must

a. Reduce waste quantity

b. Reduce wastes hazardous nature

c. Facilitate its handling or enhance its recovery

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What does this mean?

As a waste producer you need to ensure that your waste is pre-treated before it goes to landfill.

There are two main options available to you:

1.You can treat the waste yourself by sorting and having on site segregation. To do this you simply sort recyclables from non-recyclables.

2. Ensure your waste management provider will treat your waste on your behalf.

All landfill operators have a legal obligation to ensure that all waste being disposed of has been pre-treated.

You should not assume that your recycling and waste management provider will treat the waste for you; many providers will charge you a fee to do so.

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What The All Clear Company can do to help:

Whether you are a small or large business or simply a home owner The All Clear Company can help improve your environmental performance. If you already sort your waste yourself FANTASTIC simply give a call for collection. If you are unable to sort your waste yourself, The All Clear Company can treat your waste for you. All waste we collect from our clearances is sorted by The All Clear Company or a registered transfer MRF in accordance with the new requirements.

There is no extra cost to you; The All Clear Company simply aims to lesson our environmental impact at every stage of our operations.

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