Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Office waste to be removedIf you run a city company then you will know the problems involved in trying to get rid of office waste. Council refuse teams are often told that they are only to take regular waste, i.e. drink cartons, paper etc. and that they should not touch broken office equipment, furniture or computers.

Using a skip for office waste

One of the ways many companies dispose of broken equipment and furniture is to hire a skip, fill it up, and have it taken away. There are some problems associated with using a skip too though:

  • The office waste still needs to be loaded onto the skip.
  • Often the rubbish to removed won’t fill an entire skip, but it will still cost the same as a full load.
  • Parking and permits for the skip will also add to the cost and hassle factor.

Council office waste disposal policy

Most council policy on dealing with office waste means that all of the things which are, according to the government, meant to be recycled, just end up going to the tip with some of the other rubbish. Any company where management and staff are ecologically minded does not want to dispose of everything without recycling anything that is reusable.

The problem for many city offices is that they cannot keep finding room for office waste and broken equipment that the city refuse department refuses to take. Eventually these things will have to be disposed of. We’ve already seen that hiring a skip comes with its own set of problems, so what is the solution?

Professional office waste clearance

The best way to deal with the problems associated with office waste, and at the same time avoid the expense of hiring skips on a regular basis, is to hire a team of professionals to deal with the waste. There are companies that are ready to deal with all of the rubbish that your company generates and they can deal with both landfill waste and recyclable waste with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

A professional office waste disposal company can visit you on a regular basis and make sure that anything worth recycling is recycled. They will load the waste onto their own specially equipped vehicles and leave your office premises clean and tidy.

If you want your waste disposed of with the minimum of fuss, by a polite and uniformed team of professionals, then consider using a company that deals with office clearance. You may think that hiring a company of professional office clearers would be expensive but you would be wrong. It is actually cheaper to hire a team of professionals than to clear your office waste than it is to hire a skip.

A professional clearance company will separate the rubbish that needs to go to the tip from that which is recyclable and they will do it with the minimum of fuss and in the shortest possible time, solving all your office waste problems for you.

Find out more about The All Clear Company’s office waste clearance services.

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