Monday, January 17th, 2011

Old office computerWaste is inevitable when doing business and because of this business rubbish removal is something every company needs to deal with.

As well as everyday rubbish, office waste can also include outdated or broken office equipment like copiers and fax machines, or broken office chairs and computer monitors. All of these things have a life span that requires them to be replaced eventually.

Recycling has also become an important part of business rubbish removal, but many businesses find this task onerous. However it doesn’t have to be.

Easy rubbish removal and recycling

The All Clear Company’s goal is to help businesses remove their rubbish easily and at a minimum cost. We make it easy to recycle and ensure that everything is disposed of according to regulations.

We also make sure that you have a record of what items you have given to use for recycling and disposed. This is important as you may be asked to prove that you are complying with the legislation that mandates safe waste removal.

Separating rubbish for removal

All we ask you to do is to separate the residual waste from the dry recyclables that are in your office.

  • The residual waste products will be those that contain scraps of food or that have been contained food at one point. This means sandwich wrappers and crisp bags would be considered to be residual waste.
  • The dry recyclables for office rubbish removal are items like newspapers, empty drink cans, paper or plastic cups, magazines, cardboard and books. These items can all be recycled and should be kept separate from the residual waste products.

Once these items are separated we do the rest of the work, which makes your office rubbish removal very simple and hassle free for you.

When you hire a company to handle the waste removal from the office, you are ensuring that you are in compliance with the laws and regulations that surround which items can be discarded and in which manner. For example, electronics such as monitors and televisions cannot be discarded with your regular waste or your recyclable items. They must be disposed of in the correct fashion in order to avoid paying a fee.

There are many good reasons to begin recycling in the office, and when it becomes as easy as it is with The All Clear Company, there is no reason not to. Business rubbish removal and recycling is no longer a problem to be dealt with and you can spend your time on more useful business activities.

Find out more about our business rubbish removal services.

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