Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Commercial waste clearance pile of rubbishUntil recently businesses located in London have had a tough time with their commercial waste clearance. While certain businesses struggled to keep up with the legal requirements and risked getting penalised in the process,

others paid a high price to anyone they could find to cart away their commercial waste. However, the arrival of specialised companies is all set to change the nature and mindset of commercial waste disposal.

Commercial waste clearance requirements

The waste generated by small, medium and large businesses differs according to the nature and size of each business.

  • Specialised commercial waste recycling companies are required that can genuinely collect the waste generated at regular intervals and recycle most of that waste.
  • This lessens concerns about how this waste is affecting the environment.
  • It also solves the huge headache posed to most businesses regarding legal compliance.

Types of commercial waste

While most regular businesses generate regular waste such as sheets of used paper, empty water bottles, etc, others have very specific commercial waste clearance needs.

Even waste such as used computers, failed monitors, old filing cabinets, chairs and other office furniture needs specialised disposal. Old electronic items now need to be disposed of as per the new WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations formulated by the UK Government.

Certain businesses such as builders generate an entire different type of waste such as excess or unused building material that would also need to be disposed of in the correct manner. Products such as plasterboard also need to be recycled as per new recycling rules. Real estate agents might also need such services to clear a vacated property before showing it to new clients. The right commercial waste clearance company can now recycle and dispose of the waste generated by these businesses while following all the required rules and regulations.

Commercial waste clearance companies are the solution

Certain businesses would have hired waste management companies that would have charged them on a per skip basis, which could prove to be very costly. Professional commercial waste clearance companies usually charge only for the actual waste that is removed from the business premises. This could enable that business to save thousands of pounds in a year.

Companies can arrange to have their commercial waste removed on a daily basis thus lowering chances of any accumulation of waste or spread of any disease on their premises. Specialised vehicles can cart away their waste and the company can also rest assured that they have done their bit in contributing to lower their footprint on the environment.

Choosing a commercial waste clearance company

The chosen commercial waste recycling company should have all the required licences to clear the designated waste from any business premises. If that waste is hazardous then the business too will need to acquire proper sanction from the environmental agency. An efficient commercial recycling company should have its own fleet of customised vehicles manned by well-trained staff that is willing to clear all types of waste from the business premises at the required intervals.

With a dramatic rise in waste generated by an increasing number of businesses it is essential that specialised companies handle such waste and recycle the maximum amount from that waste. The All Clear Company offers clearing and recycling services to businesses in and around central London. Shouldn’t your business look into using these services to stay within the law, get rid of waste in a professional manner, and also do its bit in preserving the environment?

Find out more about our commercial waste clearance services.

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