Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Junk on roadsideUsing a junk removal business is common place these days. Time is a precious commodity and most people don’t wish to waste it on time consuming and boring activities like clearing their rubbish or sifting through the piles in the attic. However, everyone desires a home free of clutter and other useless articles in order to utilise the available space in an effective and efficient manner. Waste disposal companies can take the task off your hands, but it’s important to choose the right one.

Signs of a reputable junk removal business

  • Reputable junk removal business will have the relevant licences to dispose of waste.
  • They will also have the necessary insurances.
  • You will receive a quote up front for the job.

Problems with using a disreputable junk removal business

There are reliable junk removal businesses and there are fly by night operators as well. Understanding the difference between the two is important.

Many people feel a junk removal business is nothing short of a cake walk. All you need to do is get a used pick up truck and paint it. Add your name and address on the side and you are ready to go!

However, these kinds of people are just there to make money. For all you know, they might be dumping your junk in the middle of an unknown street. These people work at a cheap rate because dumping the trash on a sidewalk or street doesn’t cost them much and they often cannot be traced. If the authorities try cleaning or sifting through the junk, they will probably discover that the junk actually belongs to you which means that not only do you end up paying the “junk removal business” but also a huge amount for the cleanup which you had no knowledge about and fines levied by the local authority.

Some of these junk removal businesses will also unscrupulously dump harmful chemicals and paints in landfills. These chemicals seep into the water and are extremely bad for the environment.

How to make sure you use a reputable junk removal business

When you hire a junk removal business, check their insurance, licence and even references. A company which has a valid address and advertises its products and services prominently is a safer bet. The best way is to hire a local company so that you can check their credentials easily.

Junk removal business costs

There are many companies who don’t provide a quote in the beginning and keep adding labour charges till they complete the job, and you end up paying over the odds. Choose a junk removal business that can offer you an upfront quote after they analyse the work needed.

When all is said and done, using a rubbish removal company is still the best way to get rid of waste in the most efficient and law abiding manner possible. Just make sure you look for a licensed and authentic company which has been used and recommended by people. You’ll not only save yourself the headaches caused by a disreputable junk removal business, but probably save money in the long run too.

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