Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

Being computer safe with your data

Whether you are a business or an individual confidential waste can lead to serious issues if that material ended up in the wrong hands. In today’s digital world identity theft poses a real risk to people’s lives, from loan applications to credit cards, thieves can easily obtain your identity and ruin your lives so it’s important to dispose of confidential waste in the correct manner.

This doesn’t just happen with the living either, oh no, if a loved one has passed away their name can be taken just as easily, and this is where the help of all clearance type companies can come in handy because they don’t just clear houses, they also help dispose of confidential waste.

How are Documents Disposed of?

Whether it’s a commercial office move or house move any personal data from you or employees has to be safe guarded and disposed of in the correct manner. Usually industrial security shredders will aid in the destruction of high-confidential documents, and these are usually cut up so small (2x 15mm for each particle, cross-cut) that you can have peace of mind that the data on the document will never be traced again.

When it comes to jeopardising safety these kinds of techniques will work the best, but there are also other elements that need to be disposed of such as consoles and hard drives.

Destroying Confidential Information on Hard Drives

What you will see commonly in house clearances and office clearances is old computers or computers that are still functional but have been upgraded. Clearance companies will have another way to destroy confidential data on such devices by wiping the hard drives clean using special software programs that will clear every sector on the hard drive.

You see, most programs will clear data but some files and directories, and copies will remain on the hard drive. Fraudsters are already aware that some programs can restore hard drives to factory states, and then they have access through the desktop using some more software to reclaim deleted files. Therefore, simply erasing your hard drive just isn’t enough to guarantee that the data will be wiped completely, and that is why complete hard drive destruction is the only key to successful confidentiality destruction.

This is why specialist graded programs are the only ones that can effectively remove these clusters from the hard drive so that they cannot be recovered by any type of program out there, something that many expert companies will do as part of their policy in waste destruction.

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