Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

White good to be recycled

Recent changes in EU and British law means that companies and households are no longer allowed to dispose of most white goods in the traditional manner.

Items such as fridges and freezers, washing machines and cookers cannot be picked up by the council, and instead need to be removed by a professional collection team who are able to handle the recycling or dismantling of these goods in a safe and authorized way.

Other goods, such as irons, sweepers and cleaners also need to be handled by professionals rather than discarded in the usual manner.

Most things which have a wall-socket plug are no longer considered to be suitable for the bin, and must instead be recycled or handled safely. This can be a problem for people moving into a new house, for example, who find that there are still fridges, freezers and cookers left by the old homeowners. These products need to be removed, not least because they may not be safe, but the only way to do this is to speak to a professional clearance service. They can provide the assistance that householders need in this situation.

Office and business owners may also need to clear out properties before they can move their own business in. This is particularly difficult because computers and other IT equipment cannot be given to the local tip. Instead, it has to be recycled in order to prevent the toxins in the outer casing, including arsenic, from entering water sources and soil. Waste clearance companies are usually able to take in these white goods, which can then be re-used or decommissioned, depending upon their age and the damage to them. This is much more environmentally friendly, and ensures that white goods are disposed of in a legal and Eco-friendly way.

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