Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Data ProtectionUnder the Data Protection Act, businesses are responsible for the large amounts of confidential information they produce, including customer bank account information, employees records, and private correspondence. There are regulations for the safe storage and timed disposable of any information that can potentially be used for identity theft and other types of fraud. Many businesses are unaware that they can be prosecuted for failing to dispose of confidential waste in a safe and secure manner.

According to government estimates, ineffective disposal of confidential information, costs businesses as much as £2 billion a year.   Fines and reputation management are not the only ways that businesses lose money in the protection of personal and business information. Unnecessary storage costs for outdated records and employee time lost to daily data management also have an impact on company bottom lines.

Confidential waste clearance is part of an effective document management system

An effective document management system, that ensures compliance with both the Data Protection Act and the BS EN 15713, is essential to any business that disposes of confidential information. The BS EN 15713 regulates the collection, transportation and destruction of private data, ensuring that it is inaccessible to those who would use it for fraudulent purposes. A managed disposal process can help you stay fully compliant with legislation by including schedules for statutory lengths of time that personal information must both be kept and discarded. It has the added benefits of making information easier to find and retrieve and the response time to customer Freedom of Information requests more efficient.

Confidential waste clearance services can help you demonstrate to the Information Commissioner’s Office that your document management system is fully compliant with the rules of information governance. An accredited confidential waste clearance company can protect your organisation from fines of up £500,000.

Office clearances

When it comes to disposing of confidential waste, especially as part of an office clearance, it makes sense to use a certified confidential waste clearance service. Your responsibilities under the data protection act include clear documentation detailing what happened to the records that were once in your possession. Confidential waste clearance services can provide you with an audit trail and certificates of destruction. They will not only have in-depth knowledge of all the things that need to considered when clearing confidential waste, but will use personnel who meet stringent security standards and industrial-strength equipment for shredding paper and destroying other types of media like hard drives, CDs and tapes, beyond recovery or recognition.

Saving you both time and trouble, a professional confidential waste clearance service will give you the option to have your confidential records destroyed either on or off-site, and provide robust interim storage solutions to secure waste queued for disposal.

A professional service will manage the recycling process, making sure that your waste is disposed of in an environmentally responsible way, and that non-recyclable materials are incinerated.

It really does make sense to use a specialist company as you don’t want to be caught out and risk a hefty fine!

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