Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Clearing our a garage

Want to clear a little bit of space in your garage? Moving everything in the garage to one side can be a lot of hard work, and many people don’t want to make the effort it requires to get the items shifted.

Cleaning up a garage

when you have lived in the same home for years can be exhausting. Everything that you haven’t needed immediately has gone into the garage, from unwanted computer equipment to broken-down bikes, car parts and even household furniture that hasn’t made it to the trash. Just looking at all that rubbish can be depressing, and if you want to make a start on clearing out your garage, you need to know a few tricks and tips.

The first thing that you need to do when clearing out a garage of junk is to take as much out as you possibly can. If you have a driveway or lawn close by, put all of the rubbish on to that. You then need to start sorting through the piles of junk.

Divide it into two piles, one to keep, and put back into the garage, and one to throw away or sell. Be strict with yourself. If you have put a running machine in there that hasn’t been used for years, you need to bin it. If you have a lot of tools and handyman’s gear in there, it might make more sense to keep it. Anything which doesn’t have an immediate use, or which is unlikely to ever be used again, needs to be thrown away.

With the items that you want to keep, organise your garage walls and floors before putting it back into the space, so that you can leave more room for future junk.

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