Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Loft ClearanceIs your loft the resting place for broken appliances and sports equipment you never used or haven’t used for some time? Clearing your loft before Christmas can have surprising health and festive benefits.

It can offer you and your family the opportunity to travel down memory lane. It could even turn up a few surprises that you had completely forgotten about. Either way cleaning out your loft is a great way to de-clutter before Christmas.

A breath of fresh air

A shocking amount of dust can settle on furniture, books and clothes, left untouched for a long time. A cluttered loft can also harbor dead insects and small animals like mice and bats. Clearing out your loft before Christmas could improve the air quality in your home. It could also help you sleep better at night.

And about those loft boards …

The stuff in your loft could be putting a lot of strain on the joists. Even if it’s just to make room for the new items to be stored, it makes sense to ensure that your ceiling isn’t compromised by extra weight that is really unwanted junk.

Save on the cost of heating your home

Is your loft insulated? The average home loses up to 25% of its heat to an under – or un-insulated loft space. After the expense of Christmas and New Year festivities, saving money will be a priority. By clearing your loft, you will be able to take steps to ensure it can become insulated and this will end up saving you money on your heating bills in the New Year. There is the added benefit of reducing the demand on your heating system – minimising the need for boiler repairs from an overworked boiler.

Start early on New Year’s resolutions

Many people list ‘getting organised’ among their New Year’s resolutions. You can get a head start by clearing your loft before Christmas. A cluttered loft is a waste of viable organised storage space. Once cleared, a loft can be converted into an extra room, a coveted addition to any home in the UK. Even if you aren’t prepared for the expense of a full loft conversion, a mini one could create a clean fresh space. You could use the space to store seasonal clothing or even practice an instrument.

De-cluttering can improve your mood and enhance motivation. Why don’t you start your new year with the added ‘oomph’ for the other things you would like to achieve in 2016?

A Sentimental Journey

If you are a parent or inherited your home from your own parents, clearing your loft could stir up some nostalgia. Lofts are a favourite storage place for children’s toys, old letters, family photos and heirlooms. Clearing your loft could be a rare family experience. Rediscovering a drawing you did as a child or photos from a Christmas 20 years ago, plus it could offer more than a few laughs. You might even come across a first edition collectible toy, you forgot you owned so possible you could some money by selling these!

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