Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

House clearance for all ages

House clearance services are not just for those who are having a good clear out in their London home. There are many others who could benefit from a house clearance.

House clearance for individuals in London

These are just some of the reasons why individuals in London might need a house clearance service:

  • Moving home: Whether you are downsizing to a smaller home and need to get rid of a lot of furniture and belongings or whether you are just taking the opportunity to clear out excess clutter, a house clearance service can make the process much easier. It may also come in useful if the house you are moving into is still filled with a lot of junk from the previous residents.
  • Bereavement: If you have lost a family member and need to clear out the house of the deceased, using professionals to help you can help to make it less of an ordeal. At an emotional time like this you really want the job to be done as efficiently and painlessly as possible.
  • Renovations or extensions: A house clearance service can help both before and after you tackle any renovations or add an extension to your home. If you are converting a loft, garage or basement into a new living space then you will probably have a lot of junk stored in there that needs removing before work can be started. If you are doing any renovations yourself you will also probably have a lot of debris and rubbish to get rid of afterwards and it is far easier to use a house clearance service than to attempt to take it all to the tip yourself.
  • Moving a relative into residential care: When you need to organise the move of a relative into residential care you will need to clear out any belongings that are no longer needed, some of which you may decide to get rid of and others of which you may wish to keep. A house clearance company can help with both, as well as arranging storage if necessary.

House clearance for businesses in London

Some of the businesses who could benefit from a house clearance service are the following:

  • Landlords and letting agents: When tenants move out, leaving the property immaculately clean is not usually a priority for them. In order to ensure the house is in suitable condition for new tenants, it needs to be cleared and cleaned to a high standard and a house clearance service is ideal for doing the job quickly and efficiently.
  • Probate clearance for solicitors: If your solicitors firm needs to deal with the organisation of a property clearance on behalf of a client, hiring a professional clearance service is often necessary. This will often need to be done within a tight deadline and to a strict budget, so a company that is experienced with these sorts of house clearances is best.

The All Clear Company offer professional clearance service for individuals as well as businesses and we also aim to recycle as much of the rubbish as possible. Booking is as simple as making a call and we will take care of the clearance with as little hassle for you as possible.

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