Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Skip filled with rubbleWhen it comes to removing large amounts of junk and waste from a London home, most people assume that skip hire is the only option. However skip hire is not only impractical for certain types of waste, but it is also not always the most cost effective solution.

When skip hire isn’t an option

Certain types of waste cannot be placed in ordinary skips, including:

  • electrical items
  • appliances like fridges and freezers
  • full paint tins
  • tyres
  • batteries
  • gas cylinders
  • fluorescent tubes
  • plasterboard
  • food waste
  • liquid waste
  • asbestos and other hazardous waste

If you need to get rid of the above mentioned types of waste then a skip isn’t suitable and you will need to find an alternative.

Other disadvantages to skip hire in London

Even if your waste is suitable for a skip, there are other disadvantages to using a skip, particularly in London:

  • parking is often a problem – even if you can find somewhere to park the skip it may not be close enough to your home to be convenient
  • permits – you may need to organise a skip permit, adding to the cost of hire
  • volume – you will be charged the same amount for skip hire regardless of how much waste you put in it, so if you don’t have enough to fill a skip it can work out expensive
  • you may find that others place their junk in your skip, resulting in it getting full before you’ve managed to transfer all of your own waste to it
  • loading the skip yourself is hard work

What’s the alternative?

Perhaps you’ve realised that a skip isn’t the best solution for you, but are not yet sure what the alternative is. You have two options:

  • transport the waste to the tip yourself
  • hire a London waste removal company to do it for you

Many people assume that using a London waste removal company is an expensive way to get rid of their junk, but it is in fact more affordable than you may realise.

With the All Clear Company you will:

get an upfront quote with no hidden extras (see our prices here)

no hassle with parking or permits as these are handled by us

pay only for the junk we actually take away, from single items to full loads

have all the waste loaded by us

be able to choose a convenient time for collection

We remove most types of waste, even hazardous materials, and you can also be confident that everything is recycled as much as possible.

If you would like us to collect and dispose of your excess rubbish or junk, please give us a call or use our online booking system to arrange a convenient time and date for us to come by. You’ll never need to worry about skip hire in London again.

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