Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Rubbish site truck

If you are running a building or other type of construction site, then you will have to have a Site Waste Management Plan in action.

Having a plan has been mandatory since April 2008 for all refurbishment and construction projects with a value of more than £300,000. You are required to produce this by law, and need to have it to hand whenever it is requested by a council inspector.

Sometimes known as a SWMP, the Site Waste Management Plan must cover the following areas: the types of waste that are produced; how that waste will be managed (reused, recycled or disposed of); who is responsible for this; how measurement of generated waste will be performed, and what contractors the site management intend to use in order to remove and recycle or dispose of the waste.

There are several reasons why you should set up a Site Waste Management Plan whether you fall into the £300,000 category or not. Firstly, this plan can be used to answer any questions from the local council’s environmental team, including providing details of your waste removal contractors. The Plan can help you to ensure that your waste is removed efficiently, and not left lying around the site. Having the Plan in place can also help the site managers to improve their waste strategy, or to spot where materials are being discarded rather than reused. This means that the plan can be useful in saving you money.

Even after the work has been finished, having drawn up an SWMP can help you in the future. Firstly, it allows you to show this plan to future customers, who will be able to assess where your waste is produced, and the cost and environmental consequences of that. Secondly, it can show you where your team have mishandled resources, allowing you to improve on this in the future.

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