Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Skip for hiring

The 6 Cubic Yard Skip is ideal for those bulky types of waste. It has a height of 1.22 metres (4′), its length is 2.6 metres (8′ 6″) and its width is 1.52 metres (5′). On average it can hold 50-60 black bags of waste as a general size guide.

This skip would be ideal for anyone undertaking smallish home renovations or that has bulky waste that they want to get rid in one go quickly. The skips can be hired for any length of time but the longer you decide to keep it on your property the more it will cost you. However in saying this you should be able to work out a deal depending on the length of time you require it for without it costing you the earth!

If you are in London it may pay to check if you will require a parking permit if you cannot fit the skip on your property. If you do require a parking permit then you will need to get this sorted before the skip is delivered, otherwise you could end up with a parking ticket.  Normal parking rules do not always apply for skips.

Skip Lorries require a minimum of 10ft (3.3metres) in to drop off the skip. This minimum size will apply regardless of the size skip you have ordered, so this is worth taking in to consideration for any skip you hire.

The sizes given are approximate and may vary dependent on the supplier you use or the type of skips they have available.

If hiring a skip is not an option for you then why not consider the service of a clearance company who will be able to remove any type of waste in their own vehicles that have been specially designed for the job.

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