Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Empty property with rubbishEveryone is more aware of recycling these days, and most of us have recycling bin collections offered by our local councils. There are lots of different types of waste, from glass and paper to metals and even electronics, which could be recycled if customers are willing.

The facts on recycling in the UK are amazing, and there are more opportunities than ever before to find recycling companies who are willing to clear away any kind of waste.

Fact 1: It takes 1000’s  years for plastic bags to decompose

One of the biggest sources of waste in the UK are plastic shopping bags, and once they have been thrown away, they take up a lot of space in the tip. This is because plastic bags don’t decompose like other materials. With an estimated 13 billion bags being thrown away each year, that’s a lot to get rid of in disposable bags alone.

Fact 2: Some items can be recycled more than once

Most recyclable items can be re-recycled after use. Glass and cans, for example, can be recycled as many times as needed. However, more than 10 billion tins are put into landfill rubbish each year. Recycling tins is also more energy efficient than making new ones from scratch, and ensures that our country is able to preserve its steel resources.

Fact 3: Companies need to do more

While the total rubbish disposal system costs more than £1.5 billion each year, companies are often the largest waste producers in their area. Legislation means that companies are obliged to recycle a certain amount of their waste each year, and they often have to create environmental policies which set out their recycling ethic. However, commercial sites are often a source of environmental damage, and office waste is a big problem both for companies and for the larger society. Electronic goods in particular should be recycled, rather than discarded.

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