The All Clear Company on 60 Minute Makeover!


Make Over 60 Minutes Job

One of the nation’s favourite lifestyle TV shows, 60 Minute Makeover (screened on ITV) has provided the UK with all manner of decorating inspiration over the last five years. In the process of renovating a house in an hour (not including time spent preparing, of course…) there’s inevitably an awful lot of waste – old furniture, carpets, light fittings etc – that needs to be disposed of.

60 Minutes TV Show LogoWhich is where The All Clear Company comes in. In July the company was invited to supply one of its new Citroen waste collection vehicles to a top-secret 60 Minute Makeover location to take care of all waste clearance. They duly dispatched two of their finest – Terry and James – to South London where they got stuck in to removing everything that became surplus to requirements during the frantic re-modelling of the lucky family’s house.

Starting on site at 7.30am, James and Terry were positioned right outside the house where a crew of decorators, electricians and interior designers beavered away to prepare themselves for sixty minutes of decorating madness once cameras started rolling. Quickly whisking away endless cardboard, plastic piping and various other waste for recycling, the boys soon found themselves ahead of the game. At which point they were invited to don official 60 Minute Makeover white dungarees and black t-shirts and allowed to enter the house itself and appear on camera while the show was being filmed.

All Clear’s efficiency evidently paid off. With production crew agreeing that the smart waste collection vehicle and the assistance of willing hands on site vastly improved on the use of skips (as employed previously), The All Clear Company is available for the remainder of the series if required.

Time for a break with Rubbish Clearing